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Museum Puputan Bali

Museum Puputan Bali

Near the location of the former royal palace of Denpasar, which had been burnt to the ground during the Dutch Intervention in Bali, and used it as a model for its outside walls and courtyards. Around 17 Minute from hotel to Museum with car, you can enjoyed the storage of human and ethnographic pasts. Museum collections consist of ethnographic objects such as equipment and equipment for life, art, religious, written language and others that are mutually life and the development of Balinese culture.

Erlangga Souvenirs

Toko Erlangga is the Center of Bali-Typical address at Jl. Nusa Kambangan 157, Denpasar, Bali. It is one of the alternative places of shopping by typical Balinese complete and inexpensive. Will be around 10 Minutes from hotel to Erlangga Souvenirs with car, Many several souvenirs you can find, Starting from handicrafts, homemade perfume, traditional fabric and etc.

Kuliner in Mahendrata and Teuku Umar street

Kuliner in Mahendrata and Teuku Umar street

Surround Hotel you can meet several kuliner food and beverage. Start from coffee, traditional fried duck, traditional fried chicken and other. Despite that you can see performance street singer a long of teuku umar street. 

Museum Bajra Sandhi

Other Museum Puputan, Denpasar has museum Bajra Sandhi is located in Renon, around 15 Minute from hotel to museum by car. You can be seen from the 17 staircases at the main door, 8 grand pods inside the monument building, and the towering monument as high as 45 meters. 

Makam raden ayu pemecutan

Makam raden ayu pemecutan

Denpasar has Mystery of cemetery, the name is Raden Ayu Pemecutan Cemetery located in Iman Bonjol street near Puri Pemecutan. You can visit in afternoon around 13.00 pm until 17.00. Beside of cemetery you can see Mystery of tree “ Taru Rambut “. The tree is said to grow from hair Raden Ayu who during his life has long black hair. Until now the tree grows just above the tomb and is called 'Taru hair'. Around 15 Minutes from hotel to this place.